Ocean Trust Presents New System for Assessing Sustainability to FAO

Ocean Trust and NOAA presented a new approach to assess the sustainability of seafood at the Food and Agriculture Organization Committee on Fisheries (COFI) meeting in Rome. Thor Lassen, president of Ocean Trust and member of the US Delegation to COFI led the presentation.  “Sustainability, although often gauged on a fishery by fishery basis, is actually the result of a well-designed and implemented management system,” said Lassen. “We present a structured evaluation process to assess management systems ability to maintain the sustainability of fisheries under national and state programs.” The briefing provided information on the methodology, assessments of US management systems, and its potential to bring greater recognition and acceptance of State sponsored assessments by the public…view FAO Briefing.

Scientists Challenge Secretary Kerry's Advice & Facts on Global Fisheries

Ray Hilborn, Brian Rothschild, Steve Cadrin and Thor Lassen co-authored an editorial posted on The Hill, a Capitol Hill online journal challenging Secretary Kerry's advice and comments at the 2014 Asia-Pacific summit.  The editorial points out that this past September, the Administration created the largest marine reserve in the world when it expanded the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, moving this strategy to the forefront of our international ocean policy. Secretary Kerry hailed this development as “critical” at the summit, going on to note, “most of the fisheries of the world are overfished.” But Secretary Kerry gets some key facts wrong regarding the status of fisheries…Read more.

Ocean Trust Launches Drive to Establish Gulf of Mexico Nature Center...read more

Scientists at Ocean Trust/AIFRB Forum Call For Re-evaluation of Seafood Ecolabeling & Sustainability Standards

Senior scientists and fishery managers from leading fishing nations concluded three days of talks on the status of fisheries and sustainability of seafood at Ocean Trust's fourth Science and Sustainability Forum calling for the re-evaluation of seafood ecolabelling guidelines that many say are being misapplied particularly in small scale fisheries and coastal communities and are creatingat market barriers for coastal fisheries and communities...Read more.

Bonefish Grill: Supporting Sustainability One Sip at a Time

I can’t say enough about Bonefish Grill, their commitment to sustainability, and innovative approach to supporting it. Last week I sat down at a Bonefish Grill in Baton Rouge to try their new Ocean Trust Tropic Heat Martini. Wow, I was blown away by the citrus flavor and subtle spice. I admit I had three…Read more.

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