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View Point: Sustainability Psychosis

Are we losing touch with reality when consumers believe Atlantic cod is an endangered species and end users rely on NGO campaigns over compentent fishery science? Learn more >>

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Ocean Trust Forum Highlights New Trends in Sustainability

Top scientists gather at Ocean Trust's 2013 Science & Sustainability Forum to discuss new trends in the status and sustainability of seafood.  Environment and prey availability emerge as new priorities for tracking the sustainability of stocks.  Overfishing has been reduced in major stocks and the status of management is being recognized by scientists as a better measure of sustainability that the status of individual stocks.  Forum consensus summary statement available here.

Ocean Trust's 2012 Science & Sustainability Workshop Calls for Stronger Links to Competent Science Authorities

"There has been a decoupling between sustainability proxies and scientific reasoning..." concludes a leading scientist at Ocean Trust's 2012 sustainability workshop that brought scientists from fish producing nations together for direct dialog with industry. Get workshop highlights on our News page. 

Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle Project

The endangered Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle continue their dramatic recovery with 21,792 nests protected and 1,072,619 hatchlings released in the Gulf of Mexico in 2012. Join our Tepehuajes Turtle Camp by releasing a hatchling Release A Hatching.  More at Rescuing the Ridley.