2014 Sustainability Forum October 27-30 New Orleans - Register Now!

Our fourth Science & Sustainability Forum brings new partners and scientists to provide a global review on the status, trends and advancements in sustainability on fishery and seafood products from around the world in New Orleans, October 27-30.  The forum will highlight new sustainability programs that validate national management systems...see announcement.  So come on down and enjoy the Cajun culture, Gulf Coast seafood, and the unique sounds & sights of New Orleans with global scientists and major seafood buyers, and do stay for the New Orleans Halloween Vampire Ball and Voodoo Fest and “Get Your Body & Soul Painted”…read more

Bonefish Grill: Supporting Sustainability One Sip at a Time

I can’t say enough about Bonefish Grill, their commitment to sustainability, and innovative approach to supporting it. Last week I sat down at a Bonefish Grill in Baton Rouge to try their new Ocean Trust Tropic Heat Martini. Wow, I was blown away by the citrus flavor and subtle spice. I admit I had three…read more

Ocean Trust Forum To Highlight New Program To Validate Sustainability of Fishery Management Systems - Register Now!

Senior scientists and management officials will gather at the 2014 Science & Sustainability Forum October 27-30 in New Orleans, Louisiana to review the status, trends and advancements in seafood sustainability. The forum lineup features a who’s who list of presenters on fisheries sustainability as well as new initiatives that aim to validate the fishery management systems and the sustainability of seafood managed under those systems... read the announcement or see the program.

Ocean Trust/Bonefish Support Red Snapper Tagging

Ocean Trust and Bonefish Grill joined an industry and Florida state agency project to help develop long term reef fish monitoring methods and provide locations of historical hard-bottom areas and associated reef fish of the Atlantic Coast of Florida. See news video coverage of "Snapper Tagging and the Storm.