Ocean Trust & Ocean Garden take steps to protect endangered porpoise in the Sea of Cortez

Conservation Agreement - In June, Ocean Garden Products and Ocean Trust met with several environmental groups to discuss the vaquita marina and shrimp fishing in the Upper Gulf of California (GOC) and worked out an agreement to protect the vaquita marina while promoting the sustainability of the fisheries and fishing communities in the GOC by eliminating the bycatch of vaquita marina, stopping illegal fishing, and improving the efficiency of shrimp fisheries so that bycatch is reduced while supporting fishermen and local communities

Conclusion - The Mexican Sea of Cortez shrimp fishery is among the most sustainable trawl shrimp fisheries incorporating advanced management tools such as satellite vessel monitoring systems, observers and light weight nets along with turtle and bycatch reduction devises, closed areas and seasons. Perhaps even more significant is that when confronted with environmental issues, Ocean Garden Products and the fishing groups in the Upper GOC worked with Ocean Trust to fact find the issues and identify positive areas of cooperation to enhance sustainability of their fishery and the ecosystem in the Sea of Cortez.